Narendra Modi’s Victory: WHAT NEXT? India’s Victory?

Now that #Narendra Modi# has single handedly led BJP to an unprecedented victory with a presidential style campaign, BJP leaders will do well to get out of his way and let him implement the programs to deliver on the promises made in the manifesto. Time and again he has shown that he is a performer par excellence.

India is at a historical cross road. One road leads to getting India to deliver on her own potential and get its rightful place in the world. The other leads to squandering away this potential and hurtling her in to anarchy.

Modi has won. BJP has won. By landslide margins. They have almost no opposition. They are not dependent on their political allies and partners at least in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament. What next?

Now the focus must be on ‘Nation Building’ by:

(1) Turbocharging the Indian economy.
(2) Reducing inflation.
(3) Exponentially generating employment opportunities.
(4) Radically improving infrastructure.
(5) Improving education, healthcare & judiciary systems.
(6) Making bureaucrats accountable.
(7) Reducing corruption.
(8) Ensuring law & order and safety of women.
(9) Make India a manufacturing, services & exports hub.
(10) Improve National security, border security and defeat terrorism with a strong hand.

The electorate has voted for nation’s new destiny. If the unquestionable power that people have vested on Narendra Modi in particular and BJP in general is misused or not used for constructive task of ‘nation building’, the nation will not forgive them ever. The euphoria that we are witnessing now will then turn in to hatred. For not allowing to happen, Modi will have to rule the country as well as his party with methods that are as out-of-box as they have been for ensuring a landslide victory.

In the meanwhile let us congratulate the Indian electorates for voting for a New India. We have paved the way for India’s Victory.

(About the author: #Mr. Ambrish Chheda is a Chairman & Managing Director of #MasterClass™ Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm with a mission to contribute to ‘Nation Building’ by helping tens of thousands of companies of any size, scale up to the Next Level in a simplified manner, there by contributing to the Indian Economy.

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