Part-2: Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope?!? Life Changing Lessons for Business Leaders and Creative World

This is the 2nd blog in the SERIES: ‘Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope? LIFE CHANGING LESSONS FOR BUSINESS LEADERS AND CREATIVE WORLD’ . 

In the 1st Blog in the Series, we saw TWO incredible Videos:

  1. Elephants Walking on Rope:
  2. Elephants Painting on Canvas:

Elephant Painting and Walking On Rope
While most people in the audience were only ‘entertained’, the lessons I learnt were converted to be eye openers for the benefit of our Strategic Execution Consulting clients of MasterClass™( and their core teams, to help them scale-up their companies & businesses to the Next Level.
In this series of blogs Titled ‘Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope’ there are 6 Life Changing Lessons for the corporate & business world and for anyone who wants to succeed in life:

We saw that the number-1 quality in humans that helps them succeed is Power of Imagination. But most people have put themselves in a Cage of Self Imposed Limitations, and as a result have stopped using Power of Imagination. We realised that all leaders, CEOs, business owners, start up entrepreneurs, and professionals must focus on unlocking the power of imagination of their team members & followers, and help them come out of their cage of self imposed limitations.
Let us now look at the second lesson from the elephant shows.


Human beings have an incredible power to control others’ minds, whether humans or animals! That was clearly evident in the elephant show. Elephants would not have done something which is not in the DNA, that is, walking on the ropes or painting on a canvas.

When this thought had entered my mind while watching the elephants perform, a question popped into my mind, which I would like you to answer now; “What is the most precious thing for YOU?” After coming back from my holiday in Thailand, I asked this question to the core teams of our clients using our consulting services to scale up their companies to the next level. There were many answers like; time, knowledge, ability to learn, health, confidence, money, family, love, relationships, and many more. The answer I had in mind of course was; YOUR LIFE! Do you think there can be anything more precious to you than your own life? Would you trade it for say 10 million dollars? What about 100 million dollars?! In fact, each of the answers that people came up with had any meaning only if they were alive in the first place!

Going back to my thoughts while watching the show; If life is so precious that you would not trade it for anything under the sun, then how is it possible for a terrorist to invoke a suicide bomber to give away his life for a pittance?! Or how is it possible to get a soldier to lay down his life with a smile in the line of duty?

That’s when it becomes evident that human beings have an incredible power inside of them; power to control the minds of others, whether humans or animals! In case of the suicide bomber, his mind is controlled by the terrorists in the name of protecting the religion or god! And that if he dies in the process, his next life will surely be in heaven! In case of soldier, his mind is controlled by telling him that there is no bigger glory then to lay down his life for defending his country. So you see, we humans have this power to control the minds of other humans by offering them something in return; it may be money, food, work, career, love, care, martyrdom, but most of all a mission, a purpose, a cause larger than himself, and for it to be more effective, a CAUSE larger than the controller himself.

Come to think of it, despite being blessed with the power to control the minds of others already residing inside of us, most business people today are struggling to get the work done from their teams, the way they would like it to be done. While helping over 1,000 Companies with our Strategic Execution Consulting services, I have heard many CEOs, founders, directors, department or functional heads and many managers complain that it is a big challenge for them to get anything done from their people or their teams. Indeed with many companies, human resource management is the number one biggest challenge that they are facing. Where as here I was, watching men control the minds of elephants to make them do things which were obviously not in their DNA!
Some people will argue that it is because elephants are dumb it is easier to control them, but human beings are intelligent and they use their own minds and therefore it is difficult to control them. To each such person I would say, try and get an elephant to paint and try and get an elephant to walk on the rope and then you are likely to come back saying that it is easier to deal with men rather than dumb elephants! Comparatively, it is easier to explain to a man about some benefits and get certain things done.

So, I would like to leave you all with this question; “If you oftentimes find it difficult to deal with your own men or your own teams, whether as a business leader, a CEO, founder, director, VP, department head, general manager, or as a manager, whose weakness is that? Theirs or YOURS? Put a hand on your heart and answer this question. Once you hear the right answer, you will eventually figure out the solutions about this predicament. All you need to know is that human beings are blessed with the power to control the minds of others. Whether active or dormant, it is still inside of you; you still have that power!

This was my second powerful insight & learning from that amazing elephant show in Thailand. I promise to share with you 4 more powerful insights & learnings in this SERIES that can completely turn your business, your company &/or your life around!

In the next blog in this series we will talk about the 3rd Lesson!

I encourage you to share your own experiences and views on this blog post!

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Human Minds Have Unbelievable Potential; Are You Listening ?!      


4 thoughts on “Part-2: Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope?!? Life Changing Lessons for Business Leaders and Creative World

  1. U are truly a master master master sir! What an observation! I have never seen people interpreting the way u interprete incidences and experiences in life.Thanku thanku so much for sharing this profound insight!


    1. Many thanks for your kind words, Gauri Shah. Hope you can prepare your teams to apply the Power of Imagination & Power to Control the Minds of others, towards positive creations for this world.


  2. A wonderful insight and intense learning opportunity for people from all walks of life. Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, Ambrish Sir.


    1. You are welcome Rajesh Chandra. Hope you can apply the learnings & encourage your team to do the same when either facing an issue or obstacle in business; or when you want to ‘create’ something!


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