The concept of Bharat/India is an idea that is over 5,000 years old. It has survived many adversities and has not disintegrated. The newspapers and the news channels which make so much noise about intolerance actually thrive on negative news, because it is a part of their DNA, for them it is a ‘business’ after all. That’s how the media business operates worldwide. Just because a few individuals are making hue and cry and noise about so called ‘intolerance’; does NOT mean that the majority of people in this great country are intolerant. That India is intolerant is simply not true. 

We the people who consider ourselves aware, educated, learned, self-thinking people should not get swayed away by the noise about intolerance and about the return of the awards. The more we pay attention to them, the more we talk about them, the more they thrive; it is like adding fuel to the fire. The best is to IGNORE THEM; the next best is to SHUT THEM OFF. Switching-Off the NEWS CHANNELS whenever we see a “negative”, is a good starting point. 

Let us have belief in the thought that majority of people are, at heart, good human beings, not an evil. And that different people will have and are entitled to have different perspectives on a subject, and one can live peacefully with that. One need not be at an ideological war with others simply because their perspective is different than ours. May common sense prevail! 

Long live India!