What is ‘Marketing’: Lucidly Explained By Management Guru Ambrish Chheda

How many of you truly understand what is ‘Marketing’? At MBA school they teach this subject for 2 or 3 years! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a CEO material, this is one subject you must know!

What is ‘Marketing’: Lucidly Explained By Management Guru Ambrish Chheda, Chairman, MasterClass™ Training & Consulting LLP, in this You Tube Video:


‘Next Level of Success. Simplified.’

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Scaling Up Opportunities in India: Keynote Address by Ambrish Chheda

894AF21E-CD5A-4841-B16F-A18B2243BAEEKeynote Address on the topic of ‘Scaling Up Opportunity in India’, at Jain Jagruti Center, Kandivali, was delivered on 8th July, 2018, by Mr. Ambrish Chheda, Chairman & Managing director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a ‘Strategic Execution Consulting firm’ with a revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology that is helping over 1,500 companies to transform and SCALE UP to the Next Level of Success.


Mr. Chheda inspired the audience with real data & evidence about the abundance of opportunities in the post demonetisation and the post GST era, with One Nation-One Market in India.He said that GDP of India shall double in the next seven years by 2025, and this presents a huge opportunity to entrepreneurs who adapt themselves to the changing consumer needs & behaviour and transforming their businesses into customer centric organisations.

He added, India is already the 6th largest economy in the world in nominal dollar terms, and the 3rd largest in GDP-PPP terms. And by 2050, India will have become the largest economy in the world because of younger demographics, innovation, technology, services, urbanisation & several other factors.

The audience burst into applause when he said that such times and such opportunities, when a large economy doubles itself in just 7 years, don’t come even once in 1,000 years for a nation. Entrepreneurs therefore need to come out of negative mindset, if any, and create a strategic plan to profit from the humongous opportunity.

In very lucid language, he outlined the revolutionary MasterClass™ methodology and the process by which companies of any size can first develop a strategic plan and then convert it into execution plan, to tap into huge opportunity that the next few decades present.

The keynote address culminated into a question and answers session.

The MISSION of MasterClass™ is ‘NATION BUILDING’ by helping tens of thousands of companies to SCALE UP to the next level of success and thereby contributing to the Indian economy.

To fulfil this mission, MasterClass™ invites organisations, business & community associations, and companies to host such keynote addresses that can inspire & galvanise the audience in to firm decision to adapt & transform themselves to keep up with the changing times & opportunities.


‘Next Level of Success. Simplified.’

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