What is ‘Marketing’: Lucidly Explained By Management Guru Ambrish Chheda

How many of you truly understand what is ‘Marketing’? At MBA school they teach this subject for 2 or 3 years! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a CEO material, this is one subject you must know!

What is ‘Marketing’: Lucidly Explained By Management Guru Ambrish Chheda, Chairman, MasterClass™ Training & Consulting LLP, in this You Tube Video:


‘Next Level of Success. Simplified.’

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Scaling Up Opportunities in India: Keynote Address by Ambrish Chheda

894AF21E-CD5A-4841-B16F-A18B2243BAEEKeynote Address on the topic of ‘Scaling Up Opportunity in India’, at Jain Jagruti Center, Kandivali, was delivered on 8th July, 2018, by Mr. Ambrish Chheda, Chairman & Managing director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a ‘Strategic Execution Consulting firm’ with a revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology that is helping over 1,500 companies to transform and SCALE UP to the Next Level of Success.


Mr. Chheda inspired the audience with real data & evidence about the abundance of opportunities in the post demonetisation and the post GST era, with One Nation-One Market in India.He said that GDP of India shall double in the next seven years by 2025, and this presents a huge opportunity to entrepreneurs who adapt themselves to the changing consumer needs & behaviour and transforming their businesses into customer centric organisations.

He added, India is already the 6th largest economy in the world in nominal dollar terms, and the 3rd largest in GDP-PPP terms. And by 2050, India will have become the largest economy in the world because of younger demographics, innovation, technology, services, urbanisation & several other factors.

The audience burst into applause when he said that such times and such opportunities, when a large economy doubles itself in just 7 years, don’t come even once in 1,000 years for a nation. Entrepreneurs therefore need to come out of negative mindset, if any, and create a strategic plan to profit from the humongous opportunity.

In very lucid language, he outlined the revolutionary MasterClass™ methodology and the process by which companies of any size can first develop a strategic plan and then convert it into execution plan, to tap into huge opportunity that the next few decades present.

The keynote address culminated into a question and answers session.

The MISSION of MasterClass™ is ‘NATION BUILDING’ by helping tens of thousands of companies to SCALE UP to the next level of success and thereby contributing to the Indian economy.

To fulfil this mission, MasterClass™ invites organisations, business & community associations, and companies to host such keynote addresses that can inspire & galvanise the audience in to firm decision to adapt & transform themselves to keep up with the changing times & opportunities.


‘Next Level of Success. Simplified.’

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India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

”India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman – (Source: NDTV.Com Article).

Terming India’s economic growth progress as “extraordinary”, he said INDIA has become the world’s 3rd largest economy (on purchasing power parity) overtaking JAPAN and while being behind the US and CHINA, it is far bigger than any European country.

Since July 2011, MasterClass™ has been saying on every platform that India shall overtake JAPAN to become the 3rd largest economy in the world by PPP. That has already happened.

Now MasterClass™ is betting on India’s GDP to double in the next 7 or 8 years. That will open up humongous opportunities for everyone who is prepared for a fast changing world.

Those who don’t change their mindset, who don’t learn new skills required to excel, and who are caught up in political debates, waiting for political parties & governments to do something for them & in other negative pursuits of mind will be left behind.

Management Guru Ambrish Chheda has gone to the extent of saying that; “Such golden period as we are witnessing now and which will last for the next 30 Years, when the Indian economy will overtake the US economy to become the second largest economy (PPP) in the world, has not been witnessed by India at least in the last 1,000 years.”

Friends, don’t miss out on this massive OPPORTUNITY. And don’t get left behind.


1) Re-Orient your ‘Mindset’.

2) Re-Skill yourself, learn management tools & techniques; including ‘Strategic Thinking & Execution Skills’, and ‘Soft Skills’.

3) Adapt to the fast changing world.

4) Develop your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values & Long Term Goals in Writing.

5) Think and implement continuous innovation and disruption. This is the wave of 21st-century.

6) Create an ‘Action Plan’.

7) Track progress by periodical Progress Reviews.

8 ) Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen.

9) Take help of experienced professionals, experts, consultants and more importantly, develop lifelong relationships with ‘Professional Mentors’. All high-performance people in the world do that.

Let us all contribute to “NATION BUILDING“. That’s the mission of MasterClass™.


Next Level of Success. Simplified.

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Navigating a Storm Caused by Business Disruption

Conducted “Navigating a Storm: Strategy, Tactics, Confidence Building & Action Planning Session” full day yesterday for rallying the all-India team of a client.

They are weathering a storm in their industry as an aftermath of DISRUPTION IN TELECOM INDUSTRY caused by Reliance Jio & subsequent consolidation happening in the Telecom industry.

Our client is a national brand, marketing End to End Networking Solutions for the Broadband Cable Operators across India. And many Cable Operators feel threatened due to disruption & as a result, have put new investments on hold.

Using MasterClass™ methodology the client has grown 1,000% in last 5 years. But for the first time in 5 years, the sales graph is going down in the client industry.

How Do You Weather A Storm Caused by Such Massive Disruption?

To address this question & to rally their all India teams during such times, MasterClass™ conducted the “Navigating a Storm” Session yesterday.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the client company will not only bounce back, but will also be STRONGER than ever, after coming out of this storm.

This is the beauty of the work we do at MasterClass™! Challenging, Exciting & at times Adrenaline pumping!

For seeing more of our work, visit us at:


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How Are You Scaling Up Your Company?

For years you may have tried to ‘scale up‘ your company to the next level, using the best of the knowledge and experience you & your team members have. But you somehow feel that the financial results of your company do not match the hidden potential that it truly has. And that there is something missing. 

Let us tell you, at ‘current level of thought’, whatever you and your team members do is likely to yield the same results, year after year, plus or minus 10% to 20%! What you really need is the ‘next level of thought’ if you want to truly achieve ‘transformational growth’ rather than just ‘incremental growth’.

Are You Ready To Scale Up Your Company?

  • Why do CEOs of world’s biggest companies, best sports persons, best singers & performers have a mentor/coach/guru? Because mentors take you to the ‘next level of thought & performance’. They help you discover and unlock your own, your team’s & your Company’s hidden potential.
  • ‘NATIONAL AWARD WINNING – BEST MENTORING PROGRAM’, awarded by the World HRD Congress, World Education Congress & Asian Confederation Of Businesses, to MasterClass™ Strategic Execution Consulting System.
  • Guaranteed Growth & Profitability using the revolutionary MasterClass™ System already being used by over 1,000 Companies.
  • Risk-Free SUCCESS BASED FEES, with nominal fixed fees.

Watch this Video on You Tube Now!


More than 1,000 companies are using the revolutionary MasterClass™ STRATEGIC EXECUTION CONSULTING SYSTEM to SCALE-UP their companies to the next level of success through ‘Strategic Execution Focus’ in a simplified manner. This results in ‘transformational growth‘ rather than small ‘incremental growth‘. 

Learn more about the impact the revolutionary ‘MasterClass™ Strategic Execution System’ is creating. 

View a few small VIDEO CLIPS:

1) Mr. Frank Scheid, CEO, BSV Bio-Science GmbH, Germany; A BioScience based PHARMA Company, that achieved financial turn-around by using the MasterClass™ methodology: 



2) Mr. Ameesh Masurekar, Founder & CEO, AIOCD PharmaSoftTech AWACS Pvt. LTD.; India’s Leading Pharma Market Research Firm that has developed a PHARMA Data Exchange Platform to connect PHARMA Companies, thousands of Stockists & Retailers for Auto Invoicing Data Transfer & Data Analytics, talking about how MasterClass™ is addressing the process issues & people issues: 


3) Mr. OP Harshwal, CEO, V-XPRESS, one of India’s largest and finest Express Cargo Logistics Services providers, with over 350 Branches & a team of over 1,000 people, talking about How is V-Xpress Scaling Up to Greater Heights in Express Parcel Industry: 


4) Watch HOW MasterClass™ Client OPTILINK NETWORKS PVT LTD. achieved 100% Growth in 2015-16 despite tough competition, through transformational TEAM WORK & Strategic Execution Focus:


5) Ms. Dhiral Gala, Ratna Home Products Pvt Ltd, turning ‘Ratna’ in to one of India’s largest brands for stainless steel kitchenware, tableware and dinnerware: 


6) How DERBY Brand of Candies is Scaling Up to the Next Level, by reaching all states of India & Exporting to World Markets? Listen to Mr. Ankur Shah, Managing Director, Suncrest Foods Pvt Ltd. sharing the secret behind their transformational growth:


More Success Stories at MasterClass™ You Tube Channel: 
There are many such success stories of how companies & Entrepreneurs are realising their maximum hidden potential by using the revolutionary MasterClass™ methodology that is helping more than 1000 companies in SCALING-UP. 

View many such success stories at MasterClass™ YOU TUBE CHANNEL

To make our services extremely affordable to our clients as well as make our services tied to actual results, instead of a major lump sum fee we charge ‘Success Based Fee’ that is only payable in case we deliver growth; plus a nominal ‘Fixed Fee’ to cover basic expenses. This makes MasterClass™ Strategic Execution Consulting Services almost RISK-FREE from the clients’ point of view. 

We select the clients we wish to work with, after a very careful consideration of certain criteria. That is because we are a mission focused, ‘For Purpose’ organization; not focused on money, which we strongly believe, is a by-product or a result of pursuing a worthwhile mission long enough.  


Mr. Ambrish Chheda, the author of this article, is the Founder and Chairman & Managing Director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm. 

He had decided early on that after the age of 50 years, he wants to dedicate his life to our country. For this purpose, he left his lucrative corporate career and founded MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a STRATEGIC EXECUTION CONSULTING FIRM. 

The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘Nation Building’, by helping tens of thousands of companies to Scale Up to the Next Level by developing ‘Strategic Execution Focus’, and thereby contributing to the Indian Economy. 

Today, over 1,000 companies from various sectors are using the revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology, for developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Processes to Scale Up these companies to the Next Level of Success through ‘Strategic Execution Focus’ in a Simplified manner. This results in ‘transformational growth’ rather than just ‘incremental growth’. 

MasterClass™ is the proud recipient of ‘NATIONAL AWARD for Excellence in Training and Development 2016: Best Mentoring Program’, presented by the WORLD HRD CONGRESS, WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS & ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES. 


Are You Ready To Scale Up?

Guaranteed Growth, Profitability and Financial Turn Around using the revolutionary MasterClass™ System used by over 1,000 Companies. SUCCESS BASED FEES. 

The question is; ‘Are you REALLY Ready to SCALE UP?’  

Watch this Video on You Tube Now!


The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘NATION BUILDING’. MasterClass™ has helped over 1,000 companies from various sectors, in developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Process to SCALE UP these companies to the Next Level in a Simplified manner, using the revolutionary MasterClass™ SYSTEM, and thereby contribute to the economy of our country. 

The clients of the revolutionary MasterClass™ System have variously described it as: “Life Changing”, “Best Decision of Life”, “Best thing to happen to our Business”, “Pure Magic”, “Dimaag ki Batti Jal Gayi”, “Great Experience of My Life”, “This system is a must for every entrepreneur who wants to maximize his potential”, “It has given a new vision to our company”, “Anyone who wants to go to the next level should use this system”, “MasterClass™ is an eye opener giving a purpose for existence”, “I am more focused and organized to create a strategy towards my mission”. 

Read over 600 Transformational Experiences Shared By MasterClass™ Clients.

DOWNLOAD  10 Case Studies of Companies using the MasterClass™ System for the Next Level of Growth. As you can see these companies have recorded growth of between 50% and 400% over like to like period. 

You may listen to the speeches of speakers presenting these case studies by clicking a YOU TUBE link at the bottom of each case study. 

About MasterClass™ WORKSHOP:
We organise a 6 Day ‘SCALE UP Your Business To Next Level’ Open workshop for Entrepreneurs from time to time in association with various Trade Associations. (20 to 40 Participants from different companies). 

DOWNLOAD MasterClass™ Scale Up Your Business To The Next Level Workshop Brochure


MasterClass™ Annual Consulting Package: SUCCESS BASED FEES 

We offer Customised Annual Consulting Package for a single Company as well. 

‘Scale Up Your Business to the Next Level Annual Consulting Package’ includes a 4 full day Private workshop for Company’s entire core team at a venue arranged by the Company. 

Following the Workshop, twice a month (outside Mumbai it can be 1 full day a Month), Strategic and Execution Review Meetings (SERM) will be held by our Strategic Execution Mentors. During these meetings, the “% Completion” of Each Action Plan is tracked. If any action plans are not successfully implemented, the focus is on finding the root cause for the same & exploring simple solutions for effective implementation. These meetings will generate the momentum, rhythm, teamwork & strategic alignment required to help Company stay on course. 

To make our services extremely affordable to our clients as well as make our services more result oriented, instead of a major lump sum fee, we charge a nominal ‘Fixed Fee’ and a ‘Success Based Fee’, for the services rendered. 


ARE YOU READY TO SCALE UP? If Yes, CALL NOW for a FREE Consultation Meeting to discover how the revolutionary MasterClass™ System can catapult your company to the next level of Growth & Success. 


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