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Management & Business Guru, Thought Leader, Original thinker, Orator, Golfer, Singer. Life of parties, who believes in ‘Living life to the fullest’. Inspires hundreds of thousands of people & thousands of companies. 

Founder of #MASTERCLASS TRAINING & CONSULTING LLP <www.themasterclass.in>

The revolutionary MasterClass™ System he has developed is helping over 1,000 Companies SCALE-UP to the Next Level & contribute to the Indian economy. Interviewed by many newspapers & magazines. Mission is ‘Nation Building’ by helping tens of thousands of Companies to SCALE UP to the Next Level. 

Also a FOUNDER of HIDDEN TALENT AMATUER SINGERS CLUB, to promote the hobby of Singing & Music. 
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“Success and Money are the RESULTS of pursuing a worthwhile MISSION long enough.”              #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“The world rewards you in direct proportion of the VALUE you create for the world. Have you figured this out yet?” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“If you focus on self-improvement, you will find no time to criticise others. Keep doing this and one day you will become a MAGNET that attracts positive people and situations.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Your work defines WHO you are. Leave a stamp of such EXCELLENCE in everything you do, just like an artist puts his signature on the painting. Leave your signature behind.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Focus produces ENERGY; just as a magnifying glass held against sun can start a fire if focused on tinder.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“We all have to be born TWICE. First when we come to this earth. Second time when we find our PURPOSE. Life just takes a different meaning after that.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“The bottleneck that you are facing in your business is the very space where the MASTERKEY to your treasure lies. Because 95% competitors are also likely to be stuck there.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

 “You can’t drive a car far-forward by continuously looking at the rear-view mirror. Neither can you drive your LIFE forward by only looking at the past.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Successful people work hard & work smart even BEFORE they can see or reap the fruits of their labour. Where as majority of people expect to get more before they will even think of doing more.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Treat criticism as bricks of GOLD thrown at you. Ask for more and profit from it.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Live for a PURPOSE larger than yourself and witness the difference it makes to your life.”  #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Life is a journey of self discovery. Come, fall in love with WHO you are.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Success & Money chases people with sharp FOCUS on a worthwhile PURPOSE; others need to run after Success and Money.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

  “You need strong string to fly a kite really high, just as you need strong actions to fly the kite called your Dreams!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Entrepreneurship is ‘Nation Building’ as it contributes substantially to the economy, create jobs, fulfils many peoples’ dreams! Aspire to be an entrepreneur!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“If WORK is the only thing you do, then you are not living your LIFE; the time will never come back!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

  “Those who are determined to pursue their DREAM, do so without any complaints about their circumstances in life. And make life beautiful!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“One of your PASSIONS must become your calling; otherwise you will have to ‘WORK’ all your life.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“You maybe making money. But the question is; are you making a big DIFFERENCE? If your answer is ‘no’, you need to rethink your strategy and discover your true hidden potential. That’s when you will start making BIG money.” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“What’s the one mindset shift that will improve your life forever? Switch from a ‘scarcity’ mindset to an ‘ABUNDANCE’ mindset”. #QuoteByAmbrishChheda http://www.themasterclass.in

“Great ideas are worthless without EXECUTION!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“God has not made you to COMPETE with others; that is why he made you UNIQUE, so that you can discover & then LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“Entrepreneurs & Professionals must pursue passions beyond ‘work’. This will bring you back every day with your SOUL recharged!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda http://www.themasterclass.in

“If you do anything, DO IT WITH PASSION, or don’t do it at all; other things apart, at least you will enjoy the process!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda

“All times of the year are to be ‘Merry’; i.e. to be cheerful & lively. All times of the year are to be ‘Carolled ‘, i.e. To sing or say happily. This depends more often on your ‘BASIC NATURE’, than your circumstances. It’s one life during this ‘avatar’; live it fully to your heart’s content!” #QuoteByAmbrishChheda