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Navigating a Storm Caused by Business Disruption

Conducted “Navigating a Storm: Strategy, Tactics, Confidence Building & Action Planning Session” full day yesterday for rallying the all-India team of a client.

They are weathering a storm in their industry as an aftermath of DISRUPTION IN TELECOM INDUSTRY caused by Reliance Jio & subsequent consolidation happening in the Telecom industry.

Our client is a national brand, marketing End to End Networking Solutions for the Broadband Cable Operators across India. And many Cable Operators feel threatened due to disruption & as a result, have put new investments on hold.

Using MasterClass™ methodology the client has grown 1,000% in last 5 years. But for the first time in 5 years, the sales graph is going down in the client industry.

How Do You Weather A Storm Caused by Such Massive Disruption?

To address this question & to rally their all India teams during such times, MasterClass™ conducted the “Navigating a Storm” Session yesterday.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the client company will not only bounce back, but will also be STRONGER than ever, after coming out of this storm.

This is the beauty of the work we do at MasterClass™! Challenging, Exciting & at times Adrenaline pumping!

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Donald Trump’s triumph in American presidential elections marks the *beginning of the end* of the dominance of the world by United States of America. 

China will overtake US ECONOMY by size by 2030; and India by 2050. This is backed by research data from the IMF, Euromonitor and World Economic Council & various economic studies in the world. The end of dominance by USA will not come overnight because of the sheer innovation ability, free enterprise & the eco-systems built by USA over last few centuries. But then, the sun sets on every great empire eventually & new empires are born. That’s the cycle of life. 

Just as HITLER, the hatred-monger, became so popular within Germany before bringing Germany down to a collapse, TRUMP the fraud, the bankrupt, the schemer, the racist, the foul mouthed MCP has triumphed. The American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare.

With the triumph of Trump, the seeds for a new world order are sown, which will make America less relevant in future.

And at the same point in time, in another continent, seeds for a great New India have been sown, by prime Minister Narendra Modi who declared a full-scale war on black money & corruption by suddenly abolishing the ₹ 500 & ₹ 1,000 currency notes and rendering them invalid with immediate effect. One can of course deposit the old money in bank within a time deadline. 

This has not only dealt a deadly blow to the parallel black money economy, but will also give a tremendous boost to the legal Indian economy. It is a good attempt to create level playing field for trade & industry. Because, honest businessmen who pay all taxes like excise, VAT, Service Tax etc., found it difficult to sell at 15/25% higher costs compared to their tax evading competitors. Therefore there was an unequal playing field. This created a huge barrier for the growth of honest businesses. This will open up a world of new opportunities for honest Indians and honest Indian businesses to get organised, and SCALE UP their businesses. Hope that many of such measure to come-in will further create a level playing field.

While there may be little hardships for people initially, the humongous benefits of curbing generation of black money are too numerous for people, for businesses, for the society, and for the country.

At MasterClass™ Strategic Execution Consulting, our mission is NATION BUILDING by helping tens of thousands of companies to scale up to the next level. We have been repeatedly advising our clients that the only way to grow business substantially is to build a business on the foundations of honesty & keeping all transactions clean. We have also told them repeatedly that by paying more income tax, the size of their balance sheet will keep increasing year after year, which in turn will allow them to grow more when bigger opportunities come their way.

Come on India, go for it, your time has come back now!

                                      ~ Ambrish Chheda


My Dream For India on this 70th Independence Day

HAPPY 70th INDEPENDENCE DAY! I believe that ‘Nation Building‘ is not just the task of Shri Narendra Modi Ji, politicians & governments. Each of us must contribute to that process in whichever way we can.

Long live our Beloved India! Unity in Diversity can be one of our biggest strengths. May we all work together in harmony to bring out each other’s true potential and bring the country back to the glorious position in the world, as it was in its past history! 

Yes, YOU & I, and two more generations will get us there by 2050. Not by our ‘opinions’, but by our actions. Not by listening to the negatives & nay sayers, but with a positive mindset & belief in ourselves. And in our dreams. Not by bringing out the worst in others, but by bringing out the best from them. Not by just working at jobs, but by creating jobs and an equal opportunity for all sections of the society. 

On this day, I remember the beautiful POEM by the great Rabindranath Tagore;

“Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high, 

Where knowledge is free, 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments, 

By narrow domestic walls, 

Where words come out from the depth of truth, 

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection, 

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way,

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit, 

Where the mind is led forward by thee, 

Into ever-widening thought and action, 



Those of you who believe in the idea called “INDIA”, know that though this may look like a distant dream to many people, it is achievable by 2050 when India will be amongst the top-3 economies of the world due to various factors as analysed by IMF, World Economic Council and various other studies of the world Economy.

Because I believe, not just people, even countries have to have a dream! AN INDIA OF OUR DREAMS. 

That’s the best legacy we can leave behind for our future generations and more importantly for a better & peaceful world.


OUR MISSION IS ‘NATION BUILDING’, by contributing in our own way, to the economic development of our country, by helping tens of thousands of Indian organisations and individuals reach the next level of success. We do this by providing ‘Strategic Execution Consulting Services’, simplified training programs and tools, through various mediums across the country, through professionals with practical industry experience.”

Over 1,000 companies are already using the revolutionary MasterClass™ methodology to SCALE-UP their companies to the next level.  


                                                  – Ambrish Chheda


(Mr. Ambrish Chheda, the author of this article, is the Chairman & Managing Director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm. 

He had decided early on that after the age of 50 years, he wants to dedicate his life to our country. For this purpose, he left his lucrative corporate career and founded MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a STRATEGIC EXECUTION CONSULTING FIRM. The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘Nation Building’, by helping tens of thousands of companies to Scale Up to the Next Level by developing ‘Strategic Execution Focus’, and thereby contributing to the Indian Economy. 

Today, over 1,000 companies from various sectors are using the revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology, for developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Processes to Scale Up these companies to the Next Level of Success through ‘Strategic Execution Focus’ in a Simplified manner. This results in ‘transformational growth’ rather than just ‘incremental growth’. 

MasterClass™ was the proud recipient of “NATIONAL AWARD for Excellence in Training and Development 2016: Best Mentoring Program”, presented by the WORLD HRD CONGRESS, WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS & ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES. 


Two Acid Tests For True Leaders: Do You Measure Up?!

Last week, a newly appointed National Manager for Sales and Field Support with a client servicing team with 4 Zonal Managers reporting to him & 40 Regional Managers under the zonal managers, asked me a very pertinent question; “As a newly appointed manager, how should I establish my leadership within my team?”

He had already been inducted into the team for over six months, came from the same industry, with leadership background, proven track record, had thought that he had been doing everything right during the first six months, but his team was not truly accepting all his commands. They were doing things which were convenient for them to do, while ignoring commands which put them out of their comfort zones.

Obviously, he had realised that his leadership was not yet firmly established within his team. And therefore his question was understandable; viz. “As a newly appointed manager, how should I establish my leadership within my team?”
My answer to him was extempore:


At the outset, any new entrant into an organisation, even despite his proven track record of leadership, needs to establish very clearly in the eyes of his team members and the team members down below them, that he is the boss.

He can do so by first setting up the key objectives to be achieved by the team in the immediate, short, medium and long-term, in relation to the mission and the vision of the organisation. He also needs to reiterate alignment by all the members with the core-values of the organisation. He needs to establish very clearly in the minds of his entire team that he will accept no violation of any of the core-values of the organisation, regardless of the high performance of the team members.

He then needs to convert the key objectives to be achieved into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily GOALS for each of the team members including himself, along with the KPIs, KEY TASKS & timelines, and the MIS reports that need to be filed by the team members. Needless to say that all these must be in alignment with the company’s present practices.

He then needs to show to the team that he’s a taskmaster who is absolutely focused on quality of execution, with strong review system mechanisms. This is where he will get to establish clearly in the minds of his team members that he is a strictler for command and control system. During this phase he can even exercise a mild degree of ruthlessness with people who are not in alignment with the team objectives. If need be, he can invoke fear in the minds of non-compliant team members.


During the first stage which may last 3 to 6 months, you may appear a little high-handed to many team members, and even inhuman to a few others.

It is now time to establish that you are a human too and that you truly care for your team members.

To establish this in the minds of your team, you must take up every opportunity to help a team member in distress. For example, if someone is not able to achieve his targets under the team repeatedly, you can go and help him fulfil his targets. If there are situations outside of his work areas that need attention, you can help the team member by going out of the way helping him in such areas, of course with caution.

By doing this repeatedly with a few team members, you will not only win over their “Blind Trust“, but also the admiration from other team members. The team will now be able to relate to you and connect with you more openly. Many will now see you as a tough taskmaster who is also very humane. And start developing trust for you.


After first establishing your command and control, and then winning over their blind trust, you can now start identifying a few potential leaders and start moulding them into leadership roles under you.

For this, you need to start empowering them, but before that you need to fine-tune or create structure, policies, SOPs, FAQs and systems to be followed by the teams.

There was a huge pause from my side after this; and I observed that all this while, the National Manager, the other functional heads in the team equivalent to his level, the CEO and the CIO of the company were listening to me with rapt attention. Some of them were even taking notes.

This was simply because this kind of an answer that I gave was not necessarily from the management textbooks. This was not what they had expected, but found very convincing. It opened up their minds!

A lot has been said about leadership. Volumes and volumes of books have been written about this. So many training programs, seminars and conferences have been conducted on the subject of leadership. Obviously, there are many “must have/s” in a list of leadership qualities.

However, at MasterClass™ we have devised just TWO acid tests to determine if you are truly a leader or not:

1) Do you have many ‘blind followers’?

2) Have you ‘created’ strong leaders under you?

As you will see, many other traits of leadership; viz, the leader must lead by example, leader must be selfless, leader must be honest, leader must be visionary, and so on, will pale by comparison with these two acid tests for Leadership! And most of the “Must have” traits are likely to be already covered in the process of leaders having “Blind Followers”.  How can you be called a leader if you don’t have many blind followers? Do you have followers at all? Or are they following you because of your title or your chair? What happens once you no longer have a title or a chair, are they likely to unfollow you? In that case you’re not a true leader of men!  

Secondly, how can you be called a true leader, unless you have really ‘created’ strong leaders under you? Majority of the companies & organisations in the world are suffering from this disease. Most leaders don’t let strong leaders develop under their wings. Their own insecurities are responsible for such a state of affairs. They think that if I develop strong leaders under me, someday one such leader may take away my position, title and chair. And therefore most of them breed mediocrity, rather than greatness. Forgetting that when companies, organisations, industries, societies, countries and the world spots people capable of ‘creating’ great leaders under themselves, so many more opportunities always open up before such quality of leaders. It is the leaders that you have created under you that lift you up to be seen and recognised by the world.

After my meeting, the CEO of the company who came to see me off at the driveway told me that this was one of the most fascinating lessons in leadership that he had learnt today. And he further told me that while I was speaking and explaining the basic tenets of leadership, several faces of leaders under whom he had worked & learnt from, were appearing before his eyes, and therefore he could connect so very well with the lessons in ‘true leadership‘ learnt today.

So, let me close this with these two Acid Tests for yourself, if you think you are a true leader:
1) Do you have many ‘blind followers’?

2) Have you ‘created’ strong leaders under you?
Please be totally honest with your answers, you might find a few surprises waiting there. And once you understand this, a new life with bigger possibilities awaits you!



Mr. Ambrish Chheda, is the Chairman & Managing Director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm. He had decided early on that after the age of 50 years, he wants to dedicate his life to his country, India. For this purpose, he left his lucrative corporate career and founded MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a STRATEGIC EXECUTION CONSULTING FIRM. The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘Nation Building’, by helping tens of thousands of companies to Scale Up to the Next Level by developing ‘Strategic Execution Focus’, and thereby contributing to the Indian Economy.  

Today, over 1,000 companies from various sectors are using the revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology, for developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Processes to Scale Up these companies to the Next Level of Success through ‘Strategic Execution Focus’ in a Simplified manner. This results in ‘transformational growth‘ rather than just ‘incremental growth’. 

MasterClass™ was the proud recipient of “NATIONAL AWARD for Excellence in Training and Development 2016: Best Mentoring Program“, presented by the WORLD HRD CONGRESS, WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS & ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES. 

Are You Ready To Scale Up?

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The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘NATION BUILDING’. MasterClass™ has helped over 1,000 companies from various sectors, in developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Process to SCALE UP these companies to the Next Level in a Simplified manner, using the revolutionary MasterClass™ SYSTEM, and thereby contribute to the economy of our country. 

The clients of the revolutionary MasterClass™ System have variously described it as: “Life Changing”, “Best Decision of Life”, “Best thing to happen to our Business”, “Pure Magic”, “Dimaag ki Batti Jal Gayi”, “Great Experience of My Life”, “This system is a must for every entrepreneur who wants to maximize his potential”, “It has given a new vision to our company”, “Anyone who wants to go to the next level should use this system”, “MasterClass™ is an eye opener giving a purpose for existence”, “I am more focused and organized to create a strategy towards my mission”. 

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Following the Workshop, twice a month (outside Mumbai it can be 1 full day a Month), Strategic and Execution Review Meetings (SERM) will be held by our Strategic Execution Mentors. During these meetings, the “% Completion” of Each Action Plan is tracked. If any action plans are not successfully implemented, the focus is on finding the root cause for the same & exploring simple solutions for effective implementation. These meetings will generate the momentum, rhythm, teamwork & strategic alignment required to help Company stay on course. 

To make our services extremely affordable to our clients as well as make our services more result oriented, instead of a major lump sum fee, we charge a nominal ‘Fixed Fee’ and a ‘Success Based Fee’, for the services rendered. 


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The concept of Bharat/India is an idea that is over 5,000 years old. It has survived many adversities and has not disintegrated. The newspapers and the news channels which make so much noise about intolerance actually thrive on negative news, because it is a part of their DNA, for them it is a ‘business’ after all. That’s how the media business operates worldwide. Just because a few individuals are making hue and cry and noise about so called ‘intolerance’; does NOT mean that the majority of people in this great country are intolerant. That India is intolerant is simply not true. 

We the people who consider ourselves aware, educated, learned, self-thinking people should not get swayed away by the noise about intolerance and about the return of the awards. The more we pay attention to them, the more we talk about them, the more they thrive; it is like adding fuel to the fire. The best is to IGNORE THEM; the next best is to SHUT THEM OFF. Switching-Off the NEWS CHANNELS whenever we see a “negative”, is a good starting point. 

Let us have belief in the thought that majority of people are, at heart, good human beings, not an evil. And that different people will have and are entitled to have different perspectives on a subject, and one can live peacefully with that. One need not be at an ideological war with others simply because their perspective is different than ours. May common sense prevail! 

Long live India! 

Part-1: Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope?!? Life Changing Lessons for Business Leaders and Creative World

Elephants Painting & Walking On Rope
Can Elephants Paint or Walk On Rope?!? – Part-1
Last week my wife and I went for a holiday at Thailand. While we loved almost everything about the country; the sightseeing, the pristine beaches, the turquoise blue color of the waters of the ocean, the ever smiling & soft spoken people; the one thing that I came back with in terms of ‘powerful insights & learning’ is from an ‘Elephant Show’ at the ‘Safari World’ located on the outskirts of the Bangkok city. While most people in the audience were only ‘entertained’, the lessons I learnt were converted to be eye openers for the benefit of our Strategic Execution Consulting clients of MasterClass™ (www.themasterclass.in) and their core teams, to help them scale-up their companies to the Next Level.

If I asked you a question; “Can elephants walk on two suspended Ropes while balancing themselves?” This was a question I later asked the core teams of several client companies and the majority answer was “NO”.

If I ask you another question; “Can elephants paint and produce a decent looking painting, like humans can?” The unanimous answer from our clients’ core teams was again an emphatic “NO”!

Well, at that most amazing elephant show, that’s exactly what the elephants did; they walked on the ropes and they painted! Here is a link to the two videos that I shot:

  1. Elephants walking on Rope: https://youtu.be/xgwH0cuuOXwYyy
  2. Elephants Painting: https://youtu.be/VJfhyNZUTdU

In my series of blogs Titled ‘Can Elephants Paint’ there are 6 Lessons for the corporate & business world and for anyone who wants to succeed in life:


The number one quality in humans that helps them succeed more than others is ‘IMAGINATION’. There was someone somewhere who was able to imagine an almost impossible act; that elephants can be made to walk on rope and that elephants can be trained to paint. All human creation, all progress, all ‘सर्जन’ is the result of imagination at its roots, first and foremost. Without imagination, there cannot be ‘creation‘, with a few exceptions!

But during my 30 years of work life, and consulting over 1,000 Companies to scale up to the next level, I have observed that most individuals have created a cage around themselves and have locked themselves inside that cage, on their own! I would call it; ‘Cage of Self Imposed Limitations’. Nobody else in the world has put you in that cage but YOU, yourself have!

Several times, every day, they think; “But, I can’t do this”, “No, this is beyond my capacity”, “Now, that is not possible”, “Why would anyone even attempt this”, “I have never done this before”, “Nobody has asked me to do this”, “I can’t take risks”, “I am happy doing what I am doing right now”, “I can only dream about this, it is not within my means to achieve it”, “I know how it can be done, but I don’t have the means to do it”; “My folks will laugh at me if I even attempt this”; “What will the others think”; “Why Nobody has ever done this before”; and so forth!

There they are. Such people are walking, trying to run, and trying to fly. WITHOUT breaking open the cage first! They are struggling. The cage is moving along with them. They cannot see it themselves; a few other people can!

Keep a hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask your conscience this question:Am I one of them”? “Have I caged myself with any Self Imposed Limitations?” Your inner voice will definitely give you an honest answer. No wonder, why many of you may be struggling with life, money, relationships &/or success as you may have defined it for yourself.

The good news and the EUREKA moment for you as you are reading this could be; “Gosh! That is true for me! And now I understand why despite my knowledge, skills, and tremendous hard-work, I am still struggling in life!” “It’s because of that deadly CAGE that I have been carrying all along with me everywhere, the CAGE OF SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS! I need to break-open that cage & if I can’t, someone whom I trust or my mentor needs to do it for me. Then I will be able to walk, run and fly like a free bird! I will be able to fly in a beautiful sky that is full of abundance and opportunities all around. Opportunities of the kind I was never able to SEE before, while I was inside that cage! You may be a Chairman, CEO, Managing Director, Department Head, Functional Head, Manager, Techie, Executive, Sales Person, Clerk, Worker, Professional, Business Owner, Student, Home Maker, or a Politician. No matter who you are, you could benefit from this EUREKA MOMENT, if you are honest with yourself!

All leaders, CEOs, business owners, start up entrepreneurs, and professionals must focus on unlocking the power of imagination of their team members & followers & help them come out of their cage.

Academicians too have a major responsibility to do so, rather than producing rote learning & short term memory robots, they need to imbibe their students with the power of Imagination.

The world is changing faster than you can realize out of your daily humdrum. Do it before it is too late!

Of all human faculties & powers, MasterClassTM & I believe that the POWER OF IMAGINATION is the Number-1 power that is at the roots of all ‘creations’, including disruptive creations that are redefining our world every single day! Uber, the world’s largest taxi service owns no vehicles; Facebook, the world’s most popular media creates no content; Alibaba, the most valuable retailer has no inventory; Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate; Apple with sales of over 500 million smart phones in less than 7 years does not own a factory; Whatsapp with team size of 55 people was acquired for $ 19 billion by Facebook; 10 Start Ups have reached a billion $ valuation within 2.6 years of its founding, with Groupon leading the pack at 1.46 years. Back in India, start ups like Flipkart, Snap deal, InMobi, Ola Cabs, Zomato, MuSigma, and Paytm have recently become ‘Unicorns’ i.e. companies with billion $ valuation.

Free yourself from the “Cage of Self Imposed Limitations”, open up your POWER OF IMAGINATION and see how the world around you changes after a while!

This was my first powerful insight & learning from that amazing elephant show in Thailand. I promise to share with you 5 more powerful insights & learnings that can completely turn your business, your company &/or your life around!

I encourage you to share your own experiences and views on this blog post!

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 Mr. Ambrish Chheda 

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Core Purpose & Mission of MasterClassTM is ‘Nation Building’; by contributing, in our own way, to the economic development, by helping tens of thousands of organizations and individuals reach the next level of success. We do this by providing Strategic Execution Consulting Services, simplified training programs, and tools, through various mediums, through professionals with practical industry experience.

The revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology is being used by more than 1,000 companies in developing their strategy, planning and implementation process to help these companies Scale-Up to the Next Level of Success in a Simplified manner. MasterClass™ was invited by a German BioScience based pharmaceutical company, BSV BioScience GmbH, to help their core team develop its strategy plan and execution plan, at Germany. MasterClassTM Clients range from various sectors and industries. For learning how you can scale-up your company to the Next Level, and to read hundreds of transformational experiences shared by MasterClassTM clients, click http://www.themasterclass.in/transformational_experiences.html

Human Minds Have Unbelievable Potential; Are You Listening!?