India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

”India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman – (Source: NDTV.Com Article).

Terming India’s economic growth progress as “extraordinary”, he said INDIA has become the world’s 3rd largest economy (on purchasing power parity) overtaking JAPAN and while being behind the US and CHINA, it is far bigger than any European country.

Since July 2011, MasterClass™ has been saying on every platform that India shall overtake JAPAN to become the 3rd largest economy in the world by PPP. That has already happened.

Now MasterClass™ is betting on India’s GDP to double in the next 7 or 8 years. That will open up humongous opportunities for everyone who is prepared for a fast changing world.

Those who don’t change their mindset, who don’t learn new skills required to excel, and who are caught up in political debates, waiting for political parties & governments to do something for them & in other negative pursuits of mind will be left behind.

Management Guru Ambrish Chheda has gone to the extent of saying that; “Such golden period as we are witnessing now and which will last for the next 30 Years, when the Indian economy will overtake the US economy to become the second largest economy (PPP) in the world, has not been witnessed by India at least in the last 1,000 years.”

Friends, don’t miss out on this massive OPPORTUNITY. And don’t get left behind.


1) Re-Orient your ‘Mindset’.

2) Re-Skill yourself, learn management tools & techniques; including ‘Strategic Thinking & Execution Skills’, and ‘Soft Skills’.

3) Adapt to the fast changing world.

4) Develop your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values & Long Term Goals in Writing.

5) Think and implement continuous innovation and disruption. This is the wave of 21st-century.

6) Create an ‘Action Plan’.

7) Track progress by periodical Progress Reviews.

8 ) Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen.

9) Take help of experienced professionals, experts, consultants and more importantly, develop lifelong relationships with ‘Professional Mentors’. All high-performance people in the world do that.

Let us all contribute to “NATION BUILDING“. That’s the mission of MasterClass™.

Next Level of Success. Simplified.

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My Dream For India on this 70th Independence Day

HAPPY 70th INDEPENDENCE DAY! I believe that ‘Nation Building‘ is not just the task of Shri Narendra Modi Ji, politicians & governments. Each of us must contribute to that process in whichever way we can.

Long live our Beloved India! Unity in Diversity can be one of our biggest strengths. May we all work together in harmony to bring out each other’s true potential and bring the country back to the glorious position in the world, as it was in its past history! 

Yes, YOU & I, and two more generations will get us there by 2050. Not by our ‘opinions’, but by our actions. Not by listening to the negatives & nay sayers, but with a positive mindset & belief in ourselves. And in our dreams. Not by bringing out the worst in others, but by bringing out the best from them. Not by just working at jobs, but by creating jobs and an equal opportunity for all sections of the society. 

On this day, I remember the beautiful POEM by the great Rabindranath Tagore;

“Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high, 

Where knowledge is free, 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments, 

By narrow domestic walls, 

Where words come out from the depth of truth, 

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection, 

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way,

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit, 

Where the mind is led forward by thee, 

Into ever-widening thought and action, 



Those of you who believe in the idea called “INDIA”, know that though this may look like a distant dream to many people, it is achievable by 2050 when India will be amongst the top-3 economies of the world due to various factors as analysed by IMF, World Economic Council and various other studies of the world Economy.

Because I believe, not just people, even countries have to have a dream! AN INDIA OF OUR DREAMS. 

That’s the best legacy we can leave behind for our future generations and more importantly for a better & peaceful world.


OUR MISSION IS ‘NATION BUILDING’, by contributing in our own way, to the economic development of our country, by helping tens of thousands of Indian organisations and individuals reach the next level of success. We do this by providing ‘Strategic Execution Consulting Services’, simplified training programs and tools, through various mediums across the country, through professionals with practical industry experience.”

Over 1,000 companies are already using the revolutionary MasterClass™ methodology to SCALE-UP their companies to the next level.  


                                                  – Ambrish Chheda


(Mr. Ambrish Chheda, the author of this article, is the Chairman & Managing Director of MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm. 

He had decided early on that after the age of 50 years, he wants to dedicate his life to our country. For this purpose, he left his lucrative corporate career and founded MasterClass Training & Consulting LLP, a STRATEGIC EXECUTION CONSULTING FIRM. The MISSION of MasterClass is ‘Nation Building’, by helping tens of thousands of companies to Scale Up to the Next Level by developing ‘Strategic Execution Focus’, and thereby contributing to the Indian Economy. 

Today, over 1,000 companies from various sectors are using the revolutionary MasterClass™ Methodology, for developing their Strategy, Planning, Implementation & Performance Management Processes to Scale Up these companies to the Next Level of Success through ‘Strategic Execution Focus’ in a Simplified manner. This results in ‘transformational growth’ rather than just ‘incremental growth’. 

MasterClass™ was the proud recipient of “NATIONAL AWARD for Excellence in Training and Development 2016: Best Mentoring Program”, presented by the WORLD HRD CONGRESS, WORLD EDUCATION CONGRESS & ASIAN CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES.


The concept of Bharat/India is an idea that is over 5,000 years old. It has survived many adversities and has not disintegrated. The newspapers and the news channels which make so much noise about intolerance actually thrive on negative news, because it is a part of their DNA, for them it is a ‘business’ after all. That’s how the media business operates worldwide. Just because a few individuals are making hue and cry and noise about so called ‘intolerance’; does NOT mean that the majority of people in this great country are intolerant. That India is intolerant is simply not true. 

We the people who consider ourselves aware, educated, learned, self-thinking people should not get swayed away by the noise about intolerance and about the return of the awards. The more we pay attention to them, the more we talk about them, the more they thrive; it is like adding fuel to the fire. The best is to IGNORE THEM; the next best is to SHUT THEM OFF. Switching-Off the NEWS CHANNELS whenever we see a “negative”, is a good starting point. 

Let us have belief in the thought that majority of people are, at heart, good human beings, not an evil. And that different people will have and are entitled to have different perspectives on a subject, and one can live peacefully with that. One need not be at an ideological war with others simply because their perspective is different than ours. May common sense prevail! 

Long live India!