India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

”India Has Advanced In 30 Years, As Much As Britain Did In 150 Years”; Said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman – (Source: NDTV.Com Article).

Terming India’s economic growth progress as “extraordinary”, he said INDIA has become the world’s 3rd largest economy (on purchasing power parity) overtaking JAPAN and while being behind the US and CHINA, it is far bigger than any European country.

Since July 2011, MasterClass™ has been saying on every platform that India shall overtake JAPAN to become the 3rd largest economy in the world by PPP. That has already happened.

Now MasterClass™ is betting on India’s GDP to double in the next 7 or 8 years. That will open up humongous opportunities for everyone who is prepared for a fast changing world.

Those who don’t change their mindset, who don’t learn new skills required to excel, and who are caught up in political debates, waiting for political parties & governments to do something for them & in other negative pursuits of mind will be left behind.

Management Guru Ambrish Chheda has gone to the extent of saying that; “Such golden period as we are witnessing now and which will last for the next 30 Years, when the Indian economy will overtake the US economy to become the second largest economy (PPP) in the world, has not been witnessed by India at least in the last 1,000 years.”

Friends, don’t miss out on this massive OPPORTUNITY. And don’t get left behind.


1) Re-Orient your ‘Mindset’.

2) Re-Skill yourself, learn management tools & techniques; including ‘Strategic Thinking & Execution Skills’, and ‘Soft Skills’.

3) Adapt to the fast changing world.

4) Develop your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values & Long Term Goals in Writing.

5) Think and implement continuous innovation and disruption. This is the wave of 21st-century.

6) Create an ‘Action Plan’.

7) Track progress by periodical Progress Reviews.

8 ) Don’t wait for things to happen; make them happen.

9) Take help of experienced professionals, experts, consultants and more importantly, develop lifelong relationships with ‘Professional Mentors’. All high-performance people in the world do that.

Let us all contribute to “NATION BUILDING“. That’s the mission of MasterClass™.

Next Level of Success. Simplified.

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Donald Trump’s triumph in American presidential elections marks the *beginning of the end* of the dominance of the world by United States of America. 

China will overtake US ECONOMY by size by 2030; and India by 2050. This is backed by research data from the IMF, Euromonitor and World Economic Council & various economic studies in the world. The end of dominance by USA will not come overnight because of the sheer innovation ability, free enterprise & the eco-systems built by USA over last few centuries. But then, the sun sets on every great empire eventually & new empires are born. That’s the cycle of life. 

Just as HITLER, the hatred-monger, became so popular within Germany before bringing Germany down to a collapse, TRUMP the fraud, the bankrupt, the schemer, the racist, the foul mouthed MCP has triumphed. The American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare.

With the triumph of Trump, the seeds for a new world order are sown, which will make America less relevant in future.

And at the same point in time, in another continent, seeds for a great New India have been sown, by prime Minister Narendra Modi who declared a full-scale war on black money & corruption by suddenly abolishing the ₹ 500 & ₹ 1,000 currency notes and rendering them invalid with immediate effect. One can of course deposit the old money in bank within a time deadline. 

This has not only dealt a deadly blow to the parallel black money economy, but will also give a tremendous boost to the legal Indian economy. It is a good attempt to create level playing field for trade & industry. Because, honest businessmen who pay all taxes like excise, VAT, Service Tax etc., found it difficult to sell at 15/25% higher costs compared to their tax evading competitors. Therefore there was an unequal playing field. This created a huge barrier for the growth of honest businesses. This will open up a world of new opportunities for honest Indians and honest Indian businesses to get organised, and SCALE UP their businesses. Hope that many of such measure to come-in will further create a level playing field.

While there may be little hardships for people initially, the humongous benefits of curbing generation of black money are too numerous for people, for businesses, for the society, and for the country.

At MasterClass™ Strategic Execution Consulting, our mission is NATION BUILDING by helping tens of thousands of companies to scale up to the next level. We have been repeatedly advising our clients that the only way to grow business substantially is to build a business on the foundations of honesty & keeping all transactions clean. We have also told them repeatedly that by paying more income tax, the size of their balance sheet will keep increasing year after year, which in turn will allow them to grow more when bigger opportunities come their way.

Come on India, go for it, your time has come back now!

                                      ~ Ambrish Chheda


Narendra Modi’s Victory: WHAT NEXT? India’s Victory?

Now that #Narendra Modi# has single handedly led BJP to an unprecedented victory with a presidential style campaign, BJP leaders will do well to get out of his way and let him implement the programs to deliver on the promises made in the manifesto. Time and again he has shown that he is a performer par excellence.

India is at a historical cross road. One road leads to getting India to deliver on her own potential and get its rightful place in the world. The other leads to squandering away this potential and hurtling her in to anarchy.

Modi has won. BJP has won. By landslide margins. They have almost no opposition. They are not dependent on their political allies and partners at least in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the parliament. What next?

Now the focus must be on ‘Nation Building’ by:

(1) Turbocharging the Indian economy.
(2) Reducing inflation.
(3) Exponentially generating employment opportunities.
(4) Radically improving infrastructure.
(5) Improving education, healthcare & judiciary systems.
(6) Making bureaucrats accountable.
(7) Reducing corruption.
(8) Ensuring law & order and safety of women.
(9) Make India a manufacturing, services & exports hub.
(10) Improve National security, border security and defeat terrorism with a strong hand.

The electorate has voted for nation’s new destiny. If the unquestionable power that people have vested on Narendra Modi in particular and BJP in general is misused or not used for constructive task of ‘nation building’, the nation will not forgive them ever. The euphoria that we are witnessing now will then turn in to hatred. For not allowing to happen, Modi will have to rule the country as well as his party with methods that are as out-of-box as they have been for ensuring a landslide victory.

In the meanwhile let us congratulate the Indian electorates for voting for a New India. We have paved the way for India’s Victory.

(About the author: #Mr. Ambrish Chheda is a Chairman & Managing Director of #MasterClass™ Training & Consulting LLP, a Strategic Execution Consulting firm with a mission to contribute to ‘Nation Building’ by helping tens of thousands of companies of any size, scale up to the Next Level in a simplified manner, there by contributing to the Indian Economy.

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